Under way at last

Ready to rock!

Ready to rock!

Well, the time is here …. the bike is packed – clothes – check, tools – check, documents – check, photocopies of documents – check, compass and two GPS’s – check.  Adventure suit – check … suit inner linings – no ( how cold can it be – even on the Bolivian high plains during summer ? and anyway – I have no room for them).   Tent (in case of emergencies) – check, sleeping bag with mosquito net – check.

Cameras – Sony DSC-RX100 and GoPro Hero3+

Just have to buy a 1st aid kit now, get some Argentinian and Bolivian Pesos and that’s about it …. Hit the road early tomorrow – Asuncion, Resistencia, Sáenz Peña …. About 550 Kms – an easy 1st day to make sure everything is ok and nothing falls off.


About Garrett Kennedy

I'm an Irishman, living in Paraguay in South America. I have a 2011 Ducati Multistrada Pikes Peak model, a Suzuki Boulevard and a BMW R1200GS ... I have two sons, one living in Ireland and the other in England. I like all sorts of sports .... especially golf, cycling, aviation and motor sports. I am also a Radio Ham - ZP5BVK. When I'm not working (rare enough) I like to tour on my motorbike - the Ducati or the BM ... I started a blog a while ago to record some of my adventures .... GarrettKennedy.com
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5 Responses to Under way at last

  1. Jackie says:

    Safe Travels xxx

  2. Tricky says:

    You keep a sharp lookout, young man…

  3. Lyndsay says:

    Very interesting! Keep them coming 🙂

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